Look under the battires

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MEID stands for Mobile Equipment Identifier. It is a unique number exclusive to your device. The MEID number is your phone's official

ESN (Electronic Serial Number).

With most devices, the ESN/MEID is at the back of the handset, underneath the battery. The ESN/MEID is normally an 18-digit number labelled DEC and starting with 256, 268, or 270 (though not always). On some older phones and data devices, the ESN/MEID is an 11-digit number, often beginning with 0.

The most important thing to know about an MEID/IMEI number is that it is a unique ESN that no other phone has and that the MEID/IMEI number is required to activate your phone.

A phone's ESN/MEID number can be located in several ways:

1. It is typically located on a sticker behind your phone's battery (provided your phone has a removable battery).

2. It is printed on the box your phone arrives in.

3. It can be also located within your phone's settings console under about/general.


Start Now

Android Phone

 Go to your device's Settings (usually by dragging down from the top navigation menu and tapping the profile icon, then the Settings gear icon). From there, scroll down to the bottom and tap About Phone. Then tap ​Status. Scroll down to find your MEID number 


Some Phone will display your MEID if you Dail: 


Apple i Phone

  1.  Go to Settings > General and tap About.
  2. Look for the serial number. You might need to scroll down to find the MEID.